Friday, March 20, 2009

Joe the Plumber Horny

I've been having regular intercourse with Sarah Palin and I don't care who knows it. The enhanced penis is working out just great! (the operation was paid for by the people of Alaska and expended as "Medical Procedures, personal" on one of Gov. Palin's expense reports. HA! You liberal communists only with you could get one!)

With a babe like that, how could I be horny. This whole story is just another outrage perpetrated upon me by a liberal elite media! I'm going to sue!

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Joe the Plumber Affair with Sarah Palin a lie!

The is absolutely no truth to the rumor that Joe Wurzelbacher aka:"Joe the Plumber" has been trysting with Sarah Palin at the Camio Motel near the Portland Oregon international airport.

We really dont' care how many pictures the media splashes all over TV and Internet outlets, we want to state categorically right here and now, that there is no truth to any of this.

The last part is the most ludicrous of all: that The People of Alaska paid for penis enhancement surgery for Wurzelbacher, and have been footing the bill not only for the motel room, but for the flights of both Sarah Palin and Joe Wurzelbacher to and from Portland

Friends of Joe the Plumber

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Joe the Plumber Job Description

Hello Brothers and Sisters, Joe W. here. Ya know there’s something that’s really been frying my hide for a long time and I figured I’d better post something about it. A lot of those “Fair and Balanced” reporters in the TV media, and people on blog postings and on my book tour have been asking me why I’m called “Joe the Plumber” if I’m not a licensed or union joined plumber. The answer is simple. First of all, I never said I was a plumber. That shifty bastard John McCain. His people made that up after getting my official job title wrong. I told them the truth. What I am a “Plumber’s Devil.” It’s sort of like a Plumber’s Assistant except I do all the dirty work; the hard stuff that’s really what it’s all about. Second off, I’m not a Plumber’s Devil anymore. I’m a writer and a political commentator. FOX news has offered me a job and I’m starting it soon. You’ll see me on Heraldo and other important news shows like that on FOX.

So the next time some wise ass comes up with a question about my being not a plumber, I’m gonna have to jump ugly on the boy. I’m gonna have to go mid-evil on him. You can bet on it! Your Pal and yours in Jesus, Joe the Writer/Commentator!

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Book Tour

Hello fellow Republicans and my fans! Your Pal, Joe the Plumber is going on the great American Book Tour. So show your support and ask your local big chain book store to stork up on my book and ask when Joe the Plumber will be in town!