Sunday, January 18, 2009

Another Secure Our Dream Excerpt

The Last Page:

....It had changed from "Madam Governor" to Sara about two hours ago. She always just called me Joe. Sara slowly closed The Bible and put on the coffee table as I opened our third bottle of champagne. Bible study was over for the evening.

She dismissed her Blackwater and personal guards with a wave of her hand to Roberts who all this time was standing quietly by the kitchen doorway. They seemed to came out of every room and closet in the place and they filed out of the suite, I caught a smirk on a few of the Blackwater guys faces. Right then I knew that I could either get up and leave and go back to a life of obscurity, or stay and have my life changed forever. living in luxury; in a suite like this one as a white house insider.

...Sara leaned in close and as our lips met, i could see my whole life ahead of me! a life I never even dreamed possible back in Ohio. "Joe the Plumber" died in the warm embrace of that truly beautiful and wonderful woman; The woman I'd been looking for all my life. And as Sara and I walked slowly down the hall towards the master bedroom, arms and bodies entwined, not wanting to break our embrace even for a moment, I knew my time had come. Sara Palin's time had come. America's time had come: A dream with fighting for, a dream come true.

Monday, January 12, 2009

Great Promotional Videos!

Here are two great videos to promote our own Sara Palin and Joe the Plumber!