Wednesday, February 4, 2009

American Does Not Deserve Joe the Plumber

Hello America, You do not deserve my insights, you are to stupid to buy my book, and I will not supply any solutions to a people so ungrateful as the American People. I went to Israel for Pajama TV to report on the REAL situation over there and the main line liberal media elite did was laugh at me! Joe the Plumber will not be laughed at!

I've seen a lot of the comments about me on various trashy sites like the Huffington post, MSNBS and the New York Times. America does not appreciate Joe the Plumber and American is laughing at Joe the Plumber. Neither of which Joe the Plumber will tolerate. I haven't' made enough of my book to even come close to covering the printing costs!

So Fuck You America!
Buy my Book you ungrateful Bastards! Joe the Plumber

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