Monday, November 10, 2008

A big Joe the Plumber shout out to all my fans out there! Well, I'm intending to stay around and be a watchdog on the Obama/Democrat administration, and If I see that the Dream for My America going the wrong way, I'm going to shout long and loud!

My main concern is taxing people who earn over $250,000, as hope to one day with your help.

So while we're building the rest of the blog and site, pitch in and buy the book my marketing firm in Nashville is writing for me, along with Joe the Plumber Coffee Mugs, T-Shirts and all the other swell, Joe the Plumber merchandise out there that every Real American must own to accepted by other Real Americans. It's all out there, on special, while supplies last, on e-bay!

Thanks, Your Pal, Joe The Plumber

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